Discover the surroundings

Colonna Traiana (250 m ): Start your day by exploring the majestic Trajan's Column, a monument rich in history and artistic detail.
Palazzo Valentini (300 m): Head on to the striking Palazzo Valentini, a historic residence that offers a fascinating insight into ancient Roman life.
Repubblica (300 m): Head to the Piazza della Repubblica, one of Rome's largest squares, surrounded by fountains and cafes. Enjoy a short break and admire the beauty of the area.
Palazzo delle Esposizioni (350 m): Continue your walk to the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, a major exhibition space that hosts art and cultural exhibitions.
Piazza della Madonna dei Monti (350 m): Head to this picturesque square in the Monti district. You can enjoy an authentic atmosphere surrounded by small stores and cafes.
Piazza Venezia (400 m): Reach Piazza Venezia, one of Rome's most iconic squares. Admire the Altar of the Fatherland and the grand structure of Palazzo Venezia.
Altare della Patria (450 m): Continue your exploration to the Altare della Patria, an imposing monument dedicated to the Unification of Italy.
Palazzo Venezia (500 m): Return toward Palazzo Venezia to further explore this fascinating historic structure.
Fori Imperiali e Colosseo (500 m): End the day by exploring the magnificent Fori Imperiali e Colosseo. See the ruins of ancient Rome and immerse yourself in the grandeur of one of the city's most iconic landmarks.

Largo di Torre Argentina (900 m): Visit Largo di Torre Argentina, where you can admire the remains of ancient temples and the famous "Cat of Rome."
Domus Aurea (950 m): Discover the magnificence of the Domus Aurea, Nero's gilded residence, with its extraordinary frescoes.
Piazza di Spagna (1.1 km ): Head to the Piazza di Spagna and admire the famous Spanish Steps (Trinità dei Monti).
Piazza Navona (1.2 km) : Continue to Piazza Navona, one of Rome's most charming squares, surrounded by elegant Baroque buildings.
Campo de' Fiori (1.3 km) : Explore the bustling Campo de' Fiori market and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the square.